herencia de plata añejo 100% agave
Gold with a yellow hue. Marshmallow and sweet baking spice aromas. A round, supple entry leads to a dry-yet fruity, medium body with light caramel, spice and sweet fruity notes. Finishing with a zesty snap of herbaceous agave and pepper that fills the mouth. A vibrant, gutsy añejo with a refined edge.
herencia de plata reposado 100% agave
Gold with a faint, pale green tint. Sweet cedar and marinating spiced nose. A Vibrant entry leads to a lightly fruity, medium body with roasted pepper, dried fruit, and spiced notes. Finishes with a spicy, salty snap and a breath of heat. A very clean, precise reposado with an elegant, agave character.
herencia de plata blanco 100% agave
Clear, sweet, smoky, herbaceous, spicy nose. A quick entry leads to a dry, light bodied palate with herbs and a nice smoked agave note. Finishes with a wave of sweet fruit, heat, and a nice minty, black pepper snap. A clean and purely flavored blanco.