tekali coffee liqueur
Color opaque coffee. Flavor of toasted coffee with notes of marshmallow and butter. A smooth and refined entrance leads to a medium and sweet body. It presents subtle notes of coffee and cream with a suggestion of chocolate. A pleasant and very faithful flavor of Central-American coffee. Smooth, very drinkable and quite delicious.

When we mix our tequilas with natural extracts of almonds we create liquors with a deliciously characteristized flavor and aroma. The perfect balance of these unique liquors, make them an excellent digestive, ideal for enjoying at the dining-table with friends.
tekali almond liqueur
A soft and refined entry leads to a sweet medium body. It has subtle flavors of coffee and cream with a chocolate suggestion. It ends in a pleasant way with the very faithful and delicate flavor of Central American coffee. Soft, very drinkable and quite delicious.