reserva del señor reposado 100% agave
A sweet coconut taste, vanilla, cream and cooked spices with a touch of steam. A round entrance of satín leads to a dry medium palate. Of medium body with flavors of creamy and sweet caramel, roasted chili and cooked spices. It finishes with a breath of heat and spices that heaten the tongue. Very attractive.
reserva del señor añejo 100% agave
Deep golden color. Vanilla fragrances and fragrances of white chocolate with nuts. The round entrance leads to an almost dry palate. Body in between medium and full with flavors of creamy vanilla, toasted species, cedar and toasted and salted nuts. It finishes with natural and sweet herbs and a fading taste of oak tree wood.
reserva del señor silver 100% agave
Toasted sweets. A very round entrance leads to a dry and smooth palate. Light and medium body with flavors suggesting talco, cream, toasted chiles and species. It finishes with a wave of heat and notes of salty and roasted asparagus.